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Dog ownership can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Their love and friendship is the most unconditional you’ll ever experience, and there’s nothing quite like knowing this beautiful creature has chosen you as their favourite person in the world.


Training your dog can help to strengthen this bond. After all, it’s extra quality time spent together - and that’s something your dog thrives on! Working together, you can help your dog to learn better manners, change problem behaviours and keep on track with their development.


Oh, and that phrase, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? It’s not true - it’s never too late, and your dog can learn and grow at any age.

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Behaviour Consultation


Whatever your dog’s past, bad behaviour can be tackled - they just need to learn what to do differently.

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Dog Training


I can assess your dog’s current level of training and help you both out where it’s most needed.

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Pre-Rescue Consultation


Are you considering rescuing an adult dog? Together we’ll put the right structures in place to get you and your dog off on the right foot.

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Rescue Dog Combos


Combine the Pre-Rescue Consultation and One-to-One Training to maximise your dog's learning at discounted pricing.


Sometimes, a behaviour that begins innocently enough can escalate into something more problematic. Other times, a rescue dog comes to you with a few behaviours ingrained that you’re not sure how to change. During this consultation, the three of us - me, you and your dog - will work together to figure out where the breakdown in understanding has occurred, and what will help them understand what you need them to do (or stop doing!).


This is some of the toughest work we can do together, but also some of the most effective and rewarding. Issues we can look at include:


Is your dog unfriendly to strangers, or prone to barking and lunging at other dogs? We’ll get to the source of their aggression and help to teach them a better way to cope.



From separation to fireworks, heavy traffic,’s a scary world out there, and it’s our job to help our dogs navigate it without undue fear. Thankfully, their fears can be addressed!



I frequently hear people say they just need their dog to learn better recall, but often when I scratch the surface there turns out to be a deeper problem with getting their dog to listen to them. To help your dog pay attention to your outside, they need to learn to pay attention to you at home first!


Excessive Barking

Whether your dog wants to alert you to a ringing doorbell, protect you from the postman or simply get your attention, excessive barking can be hard on you and your neighbours alike - and it’s often a sign that your dog is struggling, too. Once they learn how to control their impulses and communicate more effectively, they’ll be able to turn the volume down.


Resource Guarding

Many dogs want to guard the things they care about - their food, their toys, and the people they love. This may seem innocent at first, but can escalate into a serious issue if not addressed. We can work on helping your dog feel safe and secure about the people and things they value.



To a dog, the world is full of delicious treats - chicken bones, poo, broken toys, dirty socks and rubbish on the ground. This behaviour can be extremely dangerous, and could cost thousands in vet bills or even the life of your best friend. Thankfully, there is a way to keep them safe and teach them to leave things alone - and it’s simpler than you might imagine.

3 hr session in your home plus handouts, a personalised training report and unlimited follow up support via Whatsapp.

From £390

Behaviour Consultation


I can assess your dog’s existing training, and tailor an in-person session to both your and their needs. Things we could focus on include:​


  • How to teach your dog anything (such as sit, down, stand, stay)

  • Walking on a loose lead

  • Coming back when called

  • Leaving when told

  • Not jumping up

  • Stopping puppy biting and chewing

  • Handling of paws, ears and face

  • Continuing socialisation past the critical socialisation phase

  • Play, and how to use it in training

Initial Assessment Session (up to 2 hrs)


Packages - include initial assessment and 3 follow ups:

- Recall Rescue

- Anti Scavenging

- Basic Obedience

£430 (£90 discount)

Single Follow up Session (1 hr)

£90 in person

£75 via video call


Block Bookings

£250 for 3 x 1 hr (£20 discount)

£400 for 5 x 1 hr (£50 discount)

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One-to-One Dog Training
Pre-Rescue Conultation


Adopting a dog can be a very rewarding experience and it is how my own dog, Willow, came to be with me. There are many upsides to adoption, if you know what you are letting yourself in for. I can help you clarify what to look for in a dog that is suitable to your lifestyle and how to read the Rescue Organisation's write up to be clear about the issues you may be facing with that dog.  Things we could cover include:

What a responsible dog owner needs to know

There is far more to dog ownership than simply bringing your new fluffy friend home and loving it until the end of its life (although that is a good start). You should also know what to expect from your chosen breed and how to integrate your new family member into your lifestyle. Adequate husbandry, healthy nutrition and which laws apply to you now you are a dog owner. 

Your Dog's Arrival

I want you to be ready and hit the ground running, so we will speak about how to select a rescue dog, how to get them home and what structures will help your dog to settle in quickly. Whatever the dog's background, we will start over to get strong foundations in place. 

Training Your Rescue Dog

Once we covered how dogs learn, I will teach you how to apply this to training your new dog. From making a start at teaching the 3 most important skills and commands to understanding the needs of your rescue dog, you'll know what to put your focus on in the early months.

Preparing Your Rescue for Life

Depending on your dog's background, they may have already had some negative experiences. I want to guide you through the sea of confusing advice to help you help your dog to gain confidence, handle stressful situations, take vet visits in their stride, be safe around kids and a pleasant companion in public as well as at home.

2 hour video call + rescue e-book including socialisation worksheet & shopping list, follow up support via WhatsApp


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Training has to start gently with your new addition and the Pre-Rescue Consultation gives you everything you need for the first few months with your new dog while they are settling in. But what happens after? Some behaviours may only surface once your dog got your paws under your proverbial table. At this time you may want to have further training to improve on your dog's behaviour and skills. 

If you are dedicated to training your rescue dog to a standard that gives you a chance at happiness for life, you can combine the Pre-Rescue Consultation and further training* at the time of purchase for the best value.

Pre-Rescue Consultation + One-to-One, to be booked within 6 months of each other

£380 (save £50)

Pre-Rescue Consultation + Behaviour Consultation, to be booked within 6 months of each other

£580 (save £60)

*Whether your dog requires a one-to-one or behaviour consultation after the initial settling-in phase will depend on the complexity of their training requirements and behavioural issues. Make sure to get as many details about them from the rescue as you can - it'll be a huge help when we're figuring out a training plan.

Rescue Dog Combo
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