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Hello and welcome to

The Good Dog Coach

As a qualified, experienced human personal transformation coach and certificated Pet Dog Training Instructor with a lifelong love of dogs, I set up The Good Dog Coach to address problem canine behaviours and promote good ones in a way that works in real life scenarios. I am passionate about helping dog owners and dogs of all ages to enjoy better, happier lives together.

Whether you want to get off on the right footing with a new puppy or adopted dog, you want to work on your dog’s obedience and listening skills or you’re struggling with more serious nuisance behaviours that simply have to stop, I’m here to help.

Why The Good Dog Coach

Being a human personal transformation coach and a dog trainer, I have an empathic understanding of the needs, concerns, issues and misunderstandings that can affect your relationship with your dog or puppy. I take my subject seriously, and I’m passionate about the importance of structured training to promote good health, safety and wellbeing for dogs and owners everywhere.

My goal is to create easy-to-follow structures that put the fun back into dog ownership, so you and your dog can enjoy the best possible life together. I want to free dogs and dog owners from the stress that can build up when dogs are confused about how to navigate human society, that can make them appear ill mannered, unpredictable or untrustworthy.

How can The Good Dog Coach help you?

I deliver professional dog coaching and behavioural training services on a one-to-one basis in your London home or in small group classes in South East London. Choose the option that best fits your needs, your preferences and your budget, with the confidence that regardless of your preferred delivery style, you will always receive the same expert insight and advice.

I don’t stick rigidly to any single training methodology, because one size does not fit all. By keeping an open mind and building an informed and objective understanding of all of the available options, I can confidently propose a tailored training solution that is suited to your dog’s needs and your own, combining plenty of positive reinforcement with mild aversives when the situation demands it.

I am inspired by the vision of a world where dog ownership is a pleasure, and where dogs and owners enjoy relationships based on mutual understanding of boundaries and expectations.

I look forward to working with you.

Sarah Beilfuss


Dogs aren't trained through books and so I am prioritising practical training over academic theory. This means that I trained via apprenticing with some of the best trainers this country has to offer. Even during the initial phase of my professional training, I was already involved in the training of dozens of dogs, teaching at group classes and assisting the trainers in their day to day business. I continue my training through courses and shadowing programs with trainers of proven success.

My dog Willow, the pretty Mongrel featured in many photos on this site, loves a variety of activities and we have tried out hands (and paws) at agility, pet gundog work and scent work amongst other things. We are just about to embark on CaniCross as well and her diverse interests and active nature enable me to work with and learn from different trainers in these specialised disciplines as well. 

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